Based in Treviso SIGNOROTTO + PARTNERS is a interdisciplinary team of professionals specialized in architecture, interior design, urban planning and landscape design, industrial design. The studio is always looking for new spatial solution dealing with the urban current context and the way of living, by stressing the focus on the relation between building and space, and by promoting projects.

A passion for shapes, materials and creating objects that make everyday life practical and beautiful are the concepts behind each project implemented. The essence of each object is represented by its shape and functionality. The distinctive features of design at the studio are its clear-cut, linear and simple style. Ideas comes from insight into everyday life, from practical needs rather than from inspiration from nature. We are driven by our curiosity to experiment with new combinations and to explore new paths. Tradition and experience have always played a fundamental role in understanding how to proceed, therefore we need to look at the past in order to think of the future. At our studio, design covers all areas that involve objects in our daily life, and all sectors. 

We are designers, craftsmen, researchers, story-tellers and architects, but most of all we are dreamers. We work with a variety of brands and clients from all around the world. We embrace different cultures, we feed on cultural differences and divergent approaches to projects.



Giorgio Signorotto

Born in Treviso on the 24th of April 1952. MA in Architecture at I.U.A.V. University, Venice in 1977. He begun his career in 1980 as associate in the “Pandolfo – Pozzobon  – Signorotto Studio”.

After 16 years of activity he founded a new architecture studio in 1994, Studio Signorotto Architettura, in Treviso and an industrial design studio Metastudio Design & Arquitectura.. In the  design sector he has collaborated with international and national companies.

In 2014 he established SIGNOROTTO + PARTNERS is a interdisciplinary team of professional specialised in architecture, interior design, urban planning and landscape design.


Giulio Signorotto

Born in Treviso on the 25th of November 1983. MA in Architecture at I.U.A.V. University, Venice. Begins to work at Studio Signorotto in 2002. In 2010 he moves to Beijing as part of “SAF-China” project, an initiative of MIUR (the Italian Education Ministry) in collaboration with Tsinghua University department of Urban Planning. Then collaborates with Beijing BCCI Architectural Design Co.LTD. In 2014 establishes SIGNOROTTO + PARTNERS and SUPER connective, thus working nationally and internationally in the field of design and architecture.


Liming Sui

Born in Qingdao on the 19th of November 1986. MA in Art and Design at Hebei University – China Institute of Defence Science & Technology. Begins her career as a designer at Beijing Hestia System Limited in 2009, then works as a Landscape Designer at Tsinghua University in collaboration with Zhang Min Studio. 

Since 2014 collaborates with SIGNOROTTO + PARTNERS and SUPER connective. In 2016 she graduates in Planning and Policy for the city and the territory at I.U.A.V. University, Venice.





SIGNOROTTO + PARTNERS is constantly growing. New team members with experience, skills and creativity are joining our big family.


Some people collaborate with us or have collaborated:


Raffaella Michieletto, Davide Perini, Davide Casani, Alberto Dal Bo, Gizem Peksen Zancanaro, Alberto Nicoletti, Alessandra Signorotto, Enrico Bettin, Andrea Marcon, Sergio Pilloni, Tomaso Nardin, Loretta Cogoni, Federico Durigon, Marco Coletti, Marco Brotto, Sabina Berlese, Paola Gariboldi, Emanuele Tonini, Matteo Mantovani, Marco Bertuola, Matteo Bertazzon, Clara Simonetto, Paola Girardi, Davide Raffin, Elena Ros, Ludovic Lorenzon, Simonetto Giulia Francesca, Flavia Toniolo, Irene Zanardi …